Our Process

Here at The King’s Dish, we stay true to our long-standing Grimsby heritage and follow the traditional method of smoking fish. Only by using this method can we create that distinctive, fresh smoked taste that our customers love.


The King’s Dish have a close relationship with the local fish markets in Grimsby Docks giving us the freshest fish available. This allows us to sell almost any type of fish you could desire: sea bass, Dover sole and skate, through to grey mullet and, of course, haddock. We also source other seasonal varieties of sustainable seafood when available.


The fillets are smoked overnight using a special process that means the fish is cold smoked, rather than hot smoked. We achieve this through our bespoke chimneys that have a special opening to allow the cold North Sea air to mingle with the hot smoke. The benefit of cold smoking is it prevents the fish from flaking, thus preserving the high quality of the flesh.

The inside of our chimneys is also coated with a layer of tar that has built up over time, providing a further depth of flavour to the smoked fish that is impossible to replicate using modern methods.


Working with some of the biggest names in national and international distribution, we keep our fish in temperature controlled environments, and regularly check them to ensure our fish remains of the highest quality door to door.